Founder Story

" In the world of business today, speed matters more than anything else, and organization need to transform themselves digitally and be agile. Transforming operations will bring in operational excellence that can be largely driven by technology thus paving way for innovation and excellence. This is where Digital Transformation steps in. We, continue to emphasize on the fact that a true Digital Transformation is all about results that should be driving an improvement that is not just incremental but substantial. What was expected to become a need in future, has now become urgent and important. "


How our end-to-end tech-enabled solution was born

Our solution KaptureIT was built to deliver affordable, accessible and practical software that provides answer to the challenges faced in this industry. Having worked extensively in the Banking and ITeS sectors our founder Keshav Gaur was both well versed with the challenges and the opportunities in the credit distribution space. To tap the space and to create a niche in the largely unstructured market, he realised that having an enabling tech platform is the way forward however, he did not experience a single piece of fintech software that met the end-to-end need. He embarked on a journey to create his own, as such KaptureIT was born - software designed to significantly improve distribution and fulfilment space with its practicability, accessibility and efficacy. Since then, KaptureIT has continued to develop new and innovative products all in pursuit of our core mission - to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of customer acquisition, engagement and delivery all over our services continuum.

Story of Connect, Collaboration & Communication

The demands and challenges of quality processing differ from channel to channel
As a company, through our BPasS offerings, our collective goal is to improve back office processing outcomes and support it with enabling technological infrastructure so as to build more efficient processing and fulfilment systems and networks. This is facilitated by our automated workflows with inbuilt checks and balances. In each of these workflows in customer acquisition, back office, fulfilment, quality checks, leads journey, vendor management, api based web services work tirelessly to improve and provide a consistent and reliable solution and service. This is done through seamless connect, collaboration and communication between the processes.