Customer Acquisition as a Service, CAaaS

While tech-enabled sourcing is not uncommon, there are significant industry gaps, and few players offer an end-to-end solution. KFS has invested time, effort and resources, and drawn on its deep domain expertise to address these gaps, and built an organic end-to end solution, for the long term.

We originate business for partner Banks/NBFCs, through our CAaaS offering KustomerIN. These partners include HDFC Bank, SBI, YES Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, RBL Bank, IndusInd, HDFC Ltd, Tata Capital, Aditya Birla Capital, to name a few.

We drive client acquisition across a wide range of credit products, e.g. Personal Loans, Mortgages, Business Loans and Credit cards, these cover customers across retail, affluent HNW, business and SME segments.

Our end-to-end solution, i.e. channel partner onboarding, customer acquisition, fulfillment and invoicing is completely digital and best in class. Our digital solutions ensure that there is minimal paper involved, with flexibility to go physical where required.

We deploy a range of channels for customer acquisition, including tele-calling teams, Feet-on-Street, Partners/Associates, and Digital Marketing. This allows us to customize channel mix as per Bank’s/ NBFCs policy.

With more and more customer acquisition becoming online during the pandemic the earlier focused, location-based sourcing model is now becoming Pan-India. We are now able to tap a much wider, national market, with much greater business potential.