The evolving marketplace has made it imperative for technologies to become light and easily accessible. Businesses of today are no longer tied down by the traditional boundaries of space and time. Work is 24/7, inter-connected and constantly on the move. As a result the applications and technology solutions too need to shift from being complex and rigid to become simple, easy-to-use and scalable.

Information Security


The Application uses APIs for integrating communication modules for SMS, and Email messaging for easy customer and channel partner updates, at all relevant points of the 7-stage process. All information gathered is securely stored within our access-controlled database; access to the databases in our secure servers is password-protected and is strictly limited to authorized personnel only. We have SSL certificate (secure sockets layer) for HTTPS, along with SQL injections for in-transit information and cross-site scripting.


We have a robust logging and monitoring system to ensure clean and secure traffic through our servers.


Technology Integration


Technology can be integrated with Banks interface for straight-through submission. The application is built in Java and the API can be extracted in XML or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and can easily integrate with existing business applications of DBSI.